Chef Kathy Watson and Husum Riverside Bed and Breakfast are into their second year of collaborating on a series of supper club dinners that celebrate local food and local wine. During the Spring months, dinner will be served in the historic Ice House and the BnB kitchen. Summer months will find us enjoying the sunshine and evening air on the wisteria-covered patio. 

Each Supper Club dinner has a theme pre-selected based on local produce seasons. 
"We don't publish the menu in advance, because I'm always hoping and looking for the best from our farms and local waters."

The dinners are four courses for $45 per person (plus WA tax). Each dinner will feature a different winery from the Washington side of the river. Wine is available paired for each course, or by the glass and bottle.
^ Calendar of Events ^
APRIL 13-14
#HusumSupperClub 2018
Join us as we launch the 2018 Husum Supper Season with a journey to the farmlands of Italy. Tenuta, Life on an Italian Farm: Italian farmers cook what springs from their gardens each week. Each dish is imbued with generations of love and a slavish connection to the way it's always been done. That's where Chef Kathy comes in.
MAY 18-19
#HusumSupperClub 2018
The Fertile Crescent: The spice palate, the vegetables, the love of lamb and grains. From Armenia to Turkey, from Egypt to Israel, this is an amazing world of food.
JUNE 22-23
#HusumSupperClub 2018
Pan Asian Exploration: Four dishes, each from an Asian country whose food Chef Kathy loves!.
JULY 13-14
Black Box Dinner ~ A mystery Curation: Whatever the farmers have on Wednesday, you'll be eating for the weekend.
AUGUST 17-18
Return to India: We visited India last year, but Chef Kathy's favorite cuisine offers thousands of years of summer super club possibilities.
A Picnic Like No Other: Corn, Tomatoes, BBQ. That's all we're sayin'.
Chinese New Years: Long noodles = long life. Plus all the glory of five spice, dumplings and more. Tickets for this Supper Club will go on sale in November - mark your calendar. Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss the announcement.
There are no upcoming events.